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We in Hanover believe that for an ongoing Economic Geographer proficiency in methods of empirical regional research and computer-based illustrative techniques are just as important as economic geographic fundamentals. We want to prepare you for your later profession as an Economic Geographer and teacher respectively by use of three spheres of competence:

  • Contentual Competence: The courses impart theoretical essentials on explaining spatial structure and the transition of economy and society. You will learn empirical facts about spatial economic structures and processes of change in countries and regions of varying development, as well as the implementation of regional political shaping means. At the same time it is important that we regularly offer courses by practitioners.

  • Methodical Competence: Various courses supply the tools for undertaking your own studies and/or projects. Praxis oriented examples give you the chance to learn the essential steps, from the development of a questionnaire over the interviewing of companies or private households and the computer-based analysis of the results to the draft of a final report and a multimedia presentation of your findings.

  • International Competence: In an increasingly networked world the command of foreign languages and knowledge of other cultures are important hiring criteria. Taking advantage of our offer to study one or two semesters at one of our European Partner Universities or absolving an internship abroad can be an important step towards those goals. The International Seminar in Economic Geography (ISEG) in Hanover gives you the chance to meet internationally renowned colleagues giving lectures on current topics in English. We will also gladly assist you on any further overseas endeavours.

10 Reasons for studying Geography in Hanover:

  1. Study, where teaching is best! For example Economic Geography in Hanover is, according to the latest Science Evaluation, “still one of the standards in Germany”.
  2. The pole position of Hanover in teaching is also an outcome of successful research activities. The latest Evaluation Report on Research by the "Scientific Commission Lower Saxony" awarded the work group Economic Geography with the best possible grade “Outstanding”.
  3. Economic Geographers in Hanover quite frequently publish in international top journals – as the publication & citation ranking of German-speaking economic geographers "ZitArt" shows.
  4. Teaching covers all relevant questions regarding modern Geography, including Innovation – Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth – Geographic Information Systems – Environmental Protection – Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries - Demographic Change - Urban Development - Network Research.
  5. Those lured by the wide world will find distinguished Partner Universities for exchanges over the Socrates-/Erasmus-Programme!
  6. Furthermore twice a year some of the most internationally renowned Professors come to Hanover to lecture at the „International Seminar in Economic Geography (ISEG)
  7. Another reason would be the superbly documented and constantly reanalysed occupational outlook!
  8. Many who find favour in research are offered the chance to pursue a Doctorate.
  9. Fields of work: In recent years Economic Geographers have opened up a plethora of new occupations in political areas, as well as, and especially the private sector. Within the public sector, the number of Economic Geographers in fields of business attraction and development, public relations, waste and environmental consulting, transport planning and development aid has risen dramatically.
  10. And last but not least: Hanover is much better than its reputation –  just ask!