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Teaching Evaluation

The quality of teaching at the Institute of Economic and Cultural Geography is evaluated in several ways: firstly, we have been externally evaluated by the Central Evaluations and Accreditations Agency (ZevA), secondly, we are periodically evaluated by the Centre for Higher Education Development (Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung, CHE), and thirdly, there is a continuous self-evaluation coordinated by the Natural Sciences Faculty. The results of all evaluations are published.

In 1997 the Geography programme at the Leibniz University of Hanover was part of a state-wide evaluation of research and teaching for the first time. The report has just recently been updated as part of a successive evaluation. As the Central Evaluations and Accreditations Agency (ZEvA) responsible for the evaluation, stated, “the profile of Hanover’s Geography programmes (…) is its practice-orientation which constitutes a good foundation for the job-oriented Bachelor studies and the consecutive Master programmes”.

Summary of the ZEvA Evaluation Report
(only in German)

The CHE-University Ranking is the most comprehensive ranking of fields of studies and locations within the German speaking regions. It is conducted by a neutral, third party organisation and is part of the annual studies guide of the newspaper “Die Zeit”. Based on 19 indicators the Geography Department at the Leibniz University of Hanover currently ranks amongst the top locations in Germany – many positions were substantially improved compared to the last ranking. Amongst the northern German Geography Departments, Hanover’s top position is unquestioned. Key strengths in Hanover are seen in the good supervision by academic instructors, the variety of classes that we offer and the overall situation of study.

Flyer: CHE-Hochschulranking 2009
(only in German)

In addition, the Institute of Economic and Cultural Geography evaluates all of the offered courses by means of special questionnaires since the winter term of 2005/2006. This continuous evaluation represents an important tool for us to improve the quality of teaching at our Institute – all of the classes are designed for students and therefore their opinion is crucial for us. Moreover, we believe that the evaluation results have to be published and bear consequences. However, as experiences from evaluation research show, assessments of classes systematically differ depending on course type, compulsory and optional courses as well as judgments in elementary or main studies – therefore we also differentiate amongst these criteria in the presentation of our evaluation results .

Recent results of the evaluation can be found at the bulletin board (“Schwarzes Brett”) at the Institute. We would like to thank all students for answering our questions and we are committed to continue our path of a consistent and transparent teaching evaluation in the future.