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Angelina Göb

room: 229

phone:(0511) 762 - 3535
hours:by agreement

Bild von Dipl.-Geographin Angelina Göb

Studies of Geography, Urban Planning and Soil Science at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University Bonn (Diplom)

| Areas of expertise |
Urban development and planning
Public Spaces
qualitative spatial analysis

| Diploma thesis |
Present and yet absent? The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Public Spaces. A Case Study in Bonn.

| Doctorial thesis |
Reconstruction of everyday life in suburbia.

| Functions |
Research Assistant at the Institute for Social Cohesion IfgZ

| Memberships/ Participation |
TRUST Cluster Spatial and Settlement Structures in the Research Centre of Leibniz University Hanno-ver
Young Forum of the ARL
AHRC Sensory Cities Network