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Young Economic Geographers Network (YEGN) Workshop 2017 in Goslar

After the successful kick-off in Bern last year, the second YEGN workshop, organized by Kerstin Schaefer, Timo Kleiner and Lars Mewes, took place from July 20-23 in Goslar. The topic of this year’s workshop was “Regional Perspectives on Innovation”. YEGN is an international network of young scientists in economic geography and related disciplines. Goslar provided ideal opportunities to host 20 international PhD-students from Europe in a welcoming atmosphere. The annual workshop is a great opportunity for PhD-students to present and discuss their work with peers. Besides the young researchers’ presentations, Professor Tom Broekel (Utrecht University) held a keynote on the current status of economic geography and future career perspectives for young scholars. The YEGN initiative has again proven its value to connect PhD students from different places around the world and to foster the exchange of research topics within the field.

The workshop was funded by the Graduiertenakademie and the economic development agency of Goslar (WiReGo). The organizing team is also thankful to Lennart Schott, who helped in organizing the workshop.

Group photo